A Story About Procrastination   2 comments

I’ve heard a story that I may very well remember for the rest of my life.    I’d like to share it with you.


Satan was speaking with 3 demons about the best way to deter people from knowing with God.

Satan (to the first demon): How do you plan on keeping people from knowing God?

1st demon:   I will convince them that there is no God.

Satan: You will win only a few souls.  Most humans believe that there is a God who lives in heaven.

Satan (to 2nd demon): What is your plan on furthering the kingdom of darkness?

2nd demon:  I will convince them that there is no heaven and no hell.

Satan: You will win more souls than the first, but it is not the best way to keep people from God.

Satan (to 3rd demon): What is your plan?

3rd demon: I will convince the people that there is no hurry.  No hurry to know God today, tomorrow, or this year.  To wait until next year, and the next and the next.

Satan: You will win many souls for the kingdom of darkness!  If the people keep putting it off and putting it off, they will eventually die having never known God.  Well done.


Gulp.   Sobering.  Procrastination.  A bad habit.

What’s keeping you from a closer walk with God today?

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

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2 responses to “A Story About Procrastination

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  1. Chilling. And true. Thanks, Lisa…XO

  2. Huge, HUGE, eye opener.

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