The Difference Between Immature and Mature Christians   9 comments

While sitting on the couch with my family last evening, we discussed the difference between immature and mature Christians. Here is the visual I gave them:


Both Christians will get to heaven in the end….God calls us to rise above ground zero. We need to talk to God not only in the hard times, but in the resting times as well. Here is the conversation that ensued:
Me: “If you were very sick, would you pray more than one time a day? Two times a day? Ten times a day? Forty times a day?”

Kids: “Probably all day because I am focused on me being sick.”

Me:”Now, imagine yourselves well and having an amazing time at Walt Disney World, how often would you pray? All day?”

Kids: “What would we have to pray for?”

Me: “Exactly! People are motivated to pray because of pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction or dis-ease (disease).  Mature Christians talk to God in the good times and in the bad. Sometimes I ask God questions like, “How are you God?  Did you talk to grandpa today?  What made you smile today.”

Kids:  Start to giggle.  

Me: Don’t be the person who only talks to God when you need something.

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9 responses to “The Difference Between Immature and Mature Christians

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  1. Oh I just love love love you! When you talk about the talks with your family I feel like I’m right there. Oh I miss y ‘all so much. Lisa I miss you terribly!!! And I want to see the kids !! I love you dear dear friend forever!!

  2. Excellent :D

  3. And I love all the posts in this blog really interesting touch words, thank you friend :)

  4. My most common prayer is full of thanks.

  5. Very good explanation.. ” I love the innocent “what would I pray for”…. I would guess many adults have the same view… Diane

  6. Love this illustration! Praise God! Thank you for posting.

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