The Secret to Satisfaction   18 comments

I think every human being wants:

  •  to love and be loved
  • to be significant
  • to have peace and the ability to think clearly
  • to be satisfied or content; to have “Enough”

Why are so many people discontent?

When we look to the left and right at people, comparing ourselves with them, there is jockeying for position and comparison.  There is no win in comparison.  When we look straight ahead at Jesus, and focus on Him, there, and only there, will we have peace and contentment.  The riches of His love will always be enough.  The riches of the world will never be enough.

There are two types of competition: healthy and unhealthy.

1.  Healthy competition includes striving to be the best you can be (in the classroom, at work, on the court or on the field) while encouraging your teammates to do their best too.  Without them pushing us, we would not be who we are today.  A good example would be Cleveland Clinic/Mayo Clinic/Johns Hopkins Hospital.  There is a lot of competition to work in those facilities.  Only the best will do.  As a result, anyone who goes to these hospitals gets great care.

2.  Unhealthy competition includes trying to be better than someone for purely selfish reasons and then boasting/posting about it.  In my undergraduate studies, I had a girl who had the same major as I did, sit next to me in our Anatomy and physiology class.  P.T. is a competitive field. We just received our test scores back.  I didn’t like to show anyone my grades, good or bad.   This girl peeked at my grade (which was 100%).  She leaned over to me, flashed me her grade (103%) and uttered these words with a crooked smile, “You can make up those 3 points on the next test.”  My mouth dropped open as I felt the piercing darts of her prideful words.

When we try to be like the person to the left or right, we have already lost.



What do you think is the secret to satisfaction?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Posted January 29, 2014 by optimisticgladness in life

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18 responses to “The Secret to Satisfaction

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  1. For me, one secret to satisfaction is acceptance…

  2. I also believe that people naturally wish to be acknowledged and responded to when they try to help others. To that end I will apologize for being human and wishing to be more like you. In His love, Lee

    • I hear you. Why apologize for being human? We all are human. We all mess up and, speaking for myself, am very flawed. But God’s love shines through our cracked pots so brightly, that people no longer see our cracks, but only Christ. Shine for Him Lee!

  3. The secret to satisfaction (contentment) is in honoring the One who saved me from myself by living according to His Word and His Spirit. When our motivation is to “walk worthy” of His Name (I Thessalonians 2:12) then He is our resting place–no matter how others may judge us.

  4. Great post, Lisa. For me, contentment comes from pure gratitude to God for the healing and freedom he’s allowed in my life. When I was trapped in depression and PTSD, the concept of contentment was very condemning to me. I felt guilty for not feeling content. I had no idea the amount of unprocessed pain that was blocking me.


    • Gratitude does make me feel content too, sublime actually. A gratitude so deep that I am not just a servant of Christ, but a bondservant, willing and happy to serve for the rest of my life. Thanks Lori. Blessings.

  5. Why are so many people discontent? I’ve heard that people need three things: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. The Lord gives us all three, and I know for myself, the times I feel discontent is when my focus turns toward me and I feel the need to be validated in some way— like you said, “to be significant”.

  6. I believe it’s like you said…pretty well… that determining what it is you would like your life to be…. and how you determine to live and being satisfied that you have chosen wisely… Diane

  7. I agree with Rene. People these days are not content because there is too much competition out there, to many desires and too much choice. If you practice gratitude you are content with a lot more, you do not need always the newest gadget, do not need to keep up with the Jones’s and you can have a content life. Also never compare yourself with others, you are unique and have your own gifts, enjoy them and make the best of them. Then you are content.

  8. Dear Optimistic!
    I strongly believe that the “secret” to satisfaction is being in a place where there are no expectations for something “better”, but to be deeply grateful for what I currently have and by default, more things arrive for me to be grateful for. (Clarity: Things been physical and non-physical gifts, talents, skills, abilities).

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